Greetings Archers,

         Six weeks into 2017 and no webpage update yet, what’s going on? The answer is the Pine Hill Sportsman Club is very busy kicking off the New Year. Pictured above; Ryan McCreary (left) and Keith Sugden (right) overseeing unidentified shooters during our Turkey Shoot Competition held at the Outdoor Expo at Pittsburgh the last weekend of January. Viewers may notice we now have the capacity for two participants at the same time; this kept a good even flow of contestants competing for the $100.00 prize. This year we had a three way tie for 1st place with 3 clays each proving to be a very hard fought battle. These archers kept returning trying to break the tie but ultimately we ended up splitting the winnings with the following archers Dave Defilippis, Shiloh Turner, and an aspiring 8 yr old named Peyton McIntyre. Congratulations to each of you we really appreciate your support.

         Pictured below is the winner of the of the 2016 Chise Bow Raffle. Her name is Payton Burrell, her dad Derek brought her to the show to meet Chise and take possession of her new custom longbow. Congratulations Payton we hope you have many memorable days shooting with that new longbow.


         The show was our first event in 2017 but will not be our last. Sticking to our mission statement we use the show to promote our Traditional Archery Rendezvous held in July each year as well as promoting the sport of archery. (See schedule 2017) Viewing the schedule you may notice a few changes from last year. The first comes in March at the Team Challenge weekend, notice I said WEEKEND. Saturday 3/25/2017 will be a day shoot, followed up by a coon shoot that evening after dark with the Challenge being held on Sunday 3/26/2017. Feel free to come for the weekend and camp overnight. Teams are urged to register in advance, this will enable us to get the scoreboards set up early and cut down on some of the confusion just prior to getting the teams on the course at 9:00 am.

         Our Traditional Rendezvous will be held July 12th – 16th this year and yes our committees are already preparing for the event. (See Pamphlet in events) Each year this event grows and we anticipate that to happening again this year. We’ve added additional camping space with better access to it by stump removal, grading, and seeding. We are addressing our quite time rule in 2017 by adding a Community Fire pit at the far end of the camp ground near our target shed. This will be the only area in the camp ground that you may be in if you plan on staying up later than 11:00 pm making any noise other than snoring. The Community Fire pit will have a never ending supply of firewood and will be available for everyone to take a chair and gather around after hours.

         Every year we reserve the weekend after the Rendezvous for Vendors and Pine Hill staff to return for a weekend of shooting and camaraderie. That will not change in 2017 but we will have other guest this year. Pine Hill will be sponsoring the 1st United Bow Hunters of Pa (UBP) Western PA shoot that weekend. It will be available to any UBP member and family. YES is the answer to the next question, you will be permitted to use compound bows. Our courses will remain open Monday the 17th – Thursday the 20th at a fee of $10.00 per day for Traditional day shooters. The UBP event will begin at 12:00 noon July 21 – 23 “Mixed Shoot”. All UBP members attending the Rendezvous will be permitted to leave their campsite set up for their return the following weekend. Not all the details for the weekend are complete but UBP has put it on their schedule as have we. As we receive more information we will add it to our Webpage and Facebook Page. UBP will have a booth at our Traditional Rendezvous, if your not a member yet join UBP and return the following weekend and do it all again!!

         Our last event for 2017 will be our Hunter Warm Up weekend in September. Those dates are September 15 – 17, as usual their will be a flat fee of $15.00 for the weekend, with primitive camping available. The club will have 1 course out with 30 – 35 targets. We put on a potluck dinner Saturday night; Pine Hill provides table service, drinks, and two main dishes like a salad and a meat. We request every family provide a dish to the potluck dinner.

         In closing I would like to thank everyone for their support over the years and helping us grow. Please pass the word to your friends, we look forward to seeing everyone and shooting a few arrows together in 2017.

Ron Himes