A Charitable Cause
The Pine Hill Sportsman Club continues to support other Charitable Organizations; all made possible by the support we receive by those attending our events and participating in our fundraising activities.

Last year we raised $1000 dollars to be applied toward a hunt for a wounded veteran, and are very pleased to say we have partnered with the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Safari Club International (SCI) and donated that money to the SCI Wounded Soldier Adventure Project. That money will help sponsor one or more wounded veterans to participate in a hunt this year. I’ve attached a publication so our readers can see what that organization accomplished in their first year in existence.
Check out the Adventure Project article.

Pictured from left are Ron Himes, Mark Schade, Jason Himes, Andy Zeltwanger, Bob Hildenbrand, and Jim Klein. This photo was taken on February 28, 2016 with Andy accepting the check on behalf of Pittsburgh SCI Wounded Soldier Project.

The same day Pine Hill made a $50.00 donation to Our Caring Hearts a Non-Profit organization making up comfort baskets for women in various stages of cancer. The founding group consists of 8 women that have a vision to help make other women as comfortable as they can while seeking cancer treatment. Pictured are Paula Schade, member of Our Caring Hearts and Ed Lyle IV a member of the Pine Hill Sportsmen Club.

January Shoot Winner

Pictured from left are Ed Lyle IV, Scott Graham, and Jack Walker: Scott claimed a nice cash price and bragging rights by winning the Pine Hill Turkey Shoot in January. The competition was held at our booth during the Outdoor Expo at the Pittsburgh Convention Center.

Scott is 15 years old and lives at Jefferson Hills Pennsylvania with his family. He is a 9th grader at West Jefferson High School where he plays on the Varsity Soccer team. When not participating in school/after school activities his parents tells us he is hunting, trapping or fishing. Scotts hunting bow is a recurve and its pretty evident he spends some time practicing with it.

The object of the turkey shoot is that once you break the clay bird with the tom turkey behind it you shoot until you miss. Scott was able to break 5 clays in a row before missing to be crowned the winner. Congratulations Scott from everyone here at Pine Hill, you are now a member of a very elite group of archers that have been past winners of this competition.

The Pine Hill Sportsman spent the weekend of Jan. 29 – 31 at the Tri-State Outdoor Expo hosted by Clicker Shows at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh. Pine Hill would like to thank Clicker Shows and Stetson Convention Services for their wonderful professionalism and support displayed throughout the show by your staffs.

Typically you will find us at a show promoting our Traditional Rendezvous held each year in July, and conducting various raffles to fund the rendezvous and our various Charities. However this year we added a new wrinkle to our booth, the Traveling Turkey Shoot. Many of you have seen the Turkey shoot at Pine Hill and know that a crafty old Boss Bird resides behind 1 of the 3 clay pigeons you are required to break at 10 yards. You also know that if you break him you will be entered into some type of shoot off to claim bragging rights, in this case it was to claim a cash reward. The objective was to break the Tom Turkey and as many clays in a row without a miss.

Pine Hill is very excited to announce that our Turkey Shoot had 2 winners this year: The first will be a young person selected by the Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation Inc. Mr. Dale Brown a representative of the organization is shown in the photo receiving a check in the amount of $227.00 from Ron Himes. Ron is accompanied in the photo by members of the Pine Hill Sportsman Club Board of Directors, kneeling from left Jack Walker, and Ed Lyle IV, standing Mark Schade, and one of the Clicker Show Managers Dottie Miller.

The second winner is a 15 year old young man named Scott Graham, Scott walked away with this years bragging rights and a nice cash price, and he was successful in breaking 5 clay birds in a row without a miss. We look forward to Scott contacting us and making the arraignments to receive his cash prize.

The Pine Hill Sportsman Club would like to thank everyone who took the time to help work the booth over the weekend and make it such a success. A special thank you goes to Mike Lyle who constructed this traveling Turkey Shot. He and Denny Every of Muskegon, Michigan put their heads together and came up with this great design. Denny is the originator of the turkey shoot and has been raising money for Charities in Michigan for about 10 years.

Pine Hills next show featuring the Turkey Shoot will be the Southern Clarion County Outdoors Show to be held March 11-13 in East Brady, PA. If you are looking to have fun and some friendly competition we will see you there.

2015 Rendesvous Report
The Traditional Rendezvous in July was once again a great success. Pine Hill had a record setting 96 3-d targets in the woods encompassed within four walking trails. I can’t promise that will happen again but remain very optimistic it will be close in 2016. It seems we always try outdoing the previous year because of this events continued growth and popularity. See Rendezvous 2016 pamphlet

Wednesday 2015 saw quite a few campers arrive taking advantage of the early bird rate and setting up camp. Thursday expanded on the day before, and by Friday afternoon everything took off. A spaghetti dinner was held, followed by a shooting exhibition by Chris Hurt. A ceremony was held prior to the challenge dedicating it as the “Shawn Hildenbrand Memorial Challenge” in memory of Bob and Cindy Hildenbrands son Shawn. This event will be a main stay here at Pine Hill as it challenges your shooting abilities. HOWEVER we need someone to step up and challenge Tom Melot who has taken home bragging rights 2 years in a row, congratulations Tom. Saturday featured our youth shoot; with a young lady & man taking home new Chise Bows, donated by Chise’s Bows, and Quivers donated by Shawn Ludwig of D.A.D.S. Custom leather Works. This was followed by another exhibition of trick shooting by Chris. The evening began with a 21 arrow salute/tribute to our veterans, military, and fallen friends and family. Denny Every then took to the field dressed in his finest Scottish Clansman attire to conduct the very popular BraveHeart Clout. Oh yes, these events all had a little help from our wonderfully talented bagpipers. The evening’s last event was the very popular band “Mandolin Whiskey”, with the Pine Hill Bucket Raffle being held at intermission. The Pine Hill Sportsman would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone making a donation to the bucket raffle in 2015 and extra warm thanks to the band. There contribution led to and auction, that auction help us reach our goal of $1000.00 enabling us to continue supporting our Wounded Veterans in 2015.

Sunday morning found many at the practice range preparing in anticipation of the “Legendary Old Sagomore’s Turkey Shoot”. The event was hosted by Old Sagomore himself; Denny Every all the way from Muskegon Michigan. I’m very pleased to announce that one of our Pine Hill members Scott Craig walked away with the 2015 bragging rights.

I’ve only hit on a portion of the events from rendezvous 2015, and feel confident that everyone in attendance could share a special moment of their own. With that said we hope to see everyone on a trail or around a campfire in 2016, it will be great to share some of your special moments with you.

The last event of the year was our Hunter Warm-up; featuring great weather for camping and a course of 38 strategically placed targets testing your archery skills. Saturday night’s potluck dinner was great, if anyone left hungry it was their fault. The fee for the weekend is $15.00 this gets you unlimited shooting from 12:00 noon on Friday to 12:00 noon on Sunday. Not to toot our own horn but tell me where else will you find a better deal for a weekend of shooting arrows.

With the recap complete this author is very exited about what 2016 will bring, The Pine Hill Sportsman have been busy reorganizing for 2016 and will be announcing some coming changes. Please revisit this page in the future you will find more information under events and news as it becomes available. If anyone has any pictures they would like to share from the 2015 Rendezvous please get in contact with Ron at or any of our Directors listed in our contacts tab. See Contacts.

2015 Challenge Team Champions

Pictured are the Pine Hill Sportsman Club March Challenge Champions for 2015. The team consisted of Aaron Emhoff, Kevin Emhoff, Al Hunt, and Wade Steetle calling themselves Team Bushwhackers.

Six teams participated this year with the following final scores; Bushwhackers 812, the defending champs from 2014 the Flatlanders 797, UBP (United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania) 783, Bowbenders 781, Kent 698, and Pine Hill 674.

The Pine Hill Sportsman Club would like to congratulate all these shooters for a job well done, and invite them back next year. Feel free to except the challenge in 2016, I’m pretty sure the Bushwhackers will be back to defend their newly won crown!!!

Dustin Schachte, 2015 Rifle Winner

Pictured on the left is Dustin Schachte, Dustin is the lucky winner of the Savage 270 package drawn on March 15, 2015. The winning ticket was sold to Dustin at the Sportsman Show in February at the Monroeville Convention Center.

Upon picking up his new rifle Dustin decided he would rather have a .243 caliber so Maurer’s Trading Post swapped rifles with Dustin. Congratulations Dustin enjoy that new rifle.

Keep them flying straight.